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The origins of Incara Solutions

Our history

Incara Lab is an entity that is part of the French industrial Anjac Health & Beauty group, which specializes in the development and manufacture of food supplements and cosmetics.

The Anjac group’s 12 laboratories and 20 research and production sites boast more than 70 years’ experience, know-how and innovation. Anjac Health & Beauty is a key partner of leading French and international brands in the well-being, health and beauty sectors.

This expertise, and the findings of cutting-edge well-being research, gave rise to Incara Lab. Specializing in Liquid Nutraceuticals, it has efficacy, nature and innovation at the heart of its DNA.

A first revolutionary well-being shot

In 2018, Incara Lab digitally launched its first product in France: the Lacime detox shot. This product is a botanical concentrate containing natural-origin ingredients.

Two years later, drawing from this experience, Incara Lab innovated and unveiled the Incara Solutions range, a new generation of food supplements based on recent discoveries in the field of nutrition to meet key well-being needs.

invents Liquid Nutraceuticals

Matthieu ERRE
Docteur en Pharmacie et Directeur Général
Matthieu Erre
Doctor of Pharmacy and Managing Director of Incara Lab

« Health and well-being are invaluable. For many thousands of years, the use of traditional plants and essential nutrients as diet supplements has been part of the everyday lives of populations the world over. By creating Incara Lab, we wanted to go a step further than what was being offered in pharmacies and design truly different products. Obviously, the quality and natural origin of the ingredients were absolute prerequisites. On that basis, our sole objective was to ensure the efficacy of our products.

To do so, we took into account two findings that curb the efficacy of ordinary food supplements:

Solid forms (capsules, tablets, etc.), even those containing the highest concentrations of active ingredients, are digested by the stomach and partly degraded. The quantity of active substances that can be assimilated by the body is sharply reduced. This is why our R&D teams and doctors of plant physiology not only devised formulas featuring highly concentrated nutrients and active plant extracts but also developed a unique liquid delivery form that is four times more assimilable by the body than a solid form. The first barrier to efficacy was lifted.

Le meilleur complément alimentaire du monde ne saurait être vraiment efficace que s’il est consommé quotidiennement, pendant toute la durée conseillée par le pharmacien. Il nous fallait donc travailler sur la The best food supplement in the world can only be truly effective if it is taken daily, throughout the entire period of use recommended by the pharmacist. We therefore needed to work to offer the best possible experience, which is a key factor for compliance and thus for success. Together with our teams of designers, we crafted a bottle and base worthy of being showcased in our customers’ bathrooms, right next to their toothbrushes. By doing so, we created a daily experience that can naturally be incorporated into any morning or evening routine and makes our products true SOLUTIONS, not just simple food supplements. »

Our eco-friendly approach

More than just food supplements – useful everyday objects dedicated to well-being and created as part of an eco-friendly approach.

  • Essential formulas, with no unnecessary ingredients. Gluten-free. No sweeteners. No artificial colours. 100% vegan.
  • Fully recyclable packaging. 100% recycled plastic bottles. Bases made from beechwood from our sustainably managed European forests. Glasses
    custom-designed by a famous French glass-maker to obtain a daily dose and optimize use of the product.
  • A no-waste approach. Bottles that remain upside down so you can make the most of the product to the last drop.

Food supplements you won’t forget to take

Who hasn’t misplaced their jar of capsules and failed to take them every other day or stopped them after just one week? What about courses of treatment that you start but that end up in the back of a drawer? Sometimes, food supplements are associated with relative efficacy, but how could it be otherwise when instead of being taken daily, they’re used only infrequently and often not as long as they’re supposed to be?

It’s a little-known fact, but when it comes to food supplements, good compliance is absolutely necessary.

What is compliance? It’s the act of closely following the recommendations of a laboratory or pharmacist regarding the use of a product. When should it be taken? How, and for how long? These recommendations enable food supplements to be fully effective. To promote good compliance, the everyday experience should be as smooth and pleasant as possible.

That’s why we’ve worked with designers and packaging engineers to ensure that the Incara Solutions products naturally fit into our customers’ daily lives.

Solid wood bases so that our bottles take pride of place continuously, for one month, ready to dispense the exact dose of solution in a glass specifically designed for that purpose. Everyday objects that are sleek and elegant enough to be showcased in your bathroom. 

In the morning or evening, before brushing your teeth, lightly press the bottle, drink the solution, and rinse your glass – it’s as easy as that. A novel use so you’ll never forget your food supplements again. And so that daily self-care becomes a source of pleasure and a matter of course.

Our plants and active ingredients