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The secrets behind our formulas


There’s not a lot of talk about texture or delivery form when it comes to food supplements. And yet, these are key factors that influence how active ingredients are assimilated by the body.

The digestion process starts in the mouth, then in the stomach. On average, solid foods spend between two and four hours in the stomach, where they’re gradually broken down. This is the gastric digestion process, which takes place in an acidic environment. Plant extracts and nutrients taken orally in the form of solid food supplements go through the same steps. A percentage of these active ingredients and nutrients is degraded in the stomach so that they don’t reach the intestines and aren’t assimilated by the body. Their bioavailability is impacted, which means there are fewer active substances available for the body. Liquids, on the other hand, only spend around 30 minutes in the stomach. Their bioavailability is thus much higher than that of solid foods.

Because the performance of our products is an obsession, Incara Solutions decided to create a unique liquid delivery form to enter a new era for food supplements. In our Innovation Department, our doctors of pharmacy and plant physiology as well as our formulators have developed a patented, unique gel texture that enables a high concentration of active ingredients to be used and above all maximizes their assimilation.

Our laboratory studies have shown that up to four times more active ingredients are bioavailable when they leave the stomach with our patented core formula**, in comparison with a solid food supplement.

Each plant has been processed to obtain a concentrated extract; each vitamin and mineral has been selected for its perfect symbiosis with this new delivery form, to give rise to this new generation of Liquid Nutraceuticals.

Each formula contains 2 to 5 g of plants (dry plant equivalent).

* In vitro tests – Incara Solutions liquid form vs solid forms (capsules, tablets, jellied forms)

** Physio-resorbable gel: patent pending


The efficacy of an active ingredient doesn’t depend solely on the amount of it contained in a tablet or capsule.

As its name suggests, a sufficient amount of the ingested substance’s active form needs to be retained until it reaches its site of absorption in the body, which is often located in the intestines.

Digestion is a multifaceted process that starts in the mouth with chewing and the action of salivary juices. In the stomach, churning in an acidic environment as well as gastric juices break down the foods we eat. This is a key step for nutrition, enabling foods to be broken down into small absorbable pieces; however, it is devastating for solid food supplements, which meet the same fate.

Through our bioavailability study, we proved that our patented liquid delivery form protects active substances from this digestion process as far as possible.

In particular, we compared the fate of a sample of Phycocyanin, extracted from Spirulina, in our Incara Solutions matrix in comparison with a traditional solid matrix.

The results speak for themselves. Upon leaving the stomach, the level of active Phycocyanin in the Incara Solutions matrix that could be assimilated by the body was four times higher than for solid matrices (capsules, tablets, jellied forms). 

IN VITRO TESTS in cells and tissue

At Incara Lab, formulating food supplements isn’t just about selecting plants and nutrients known for their benefits. Our doctors of pharmacy and biology have evaluated them in a laboratory via in vitro tests, each focusing on specific cellular targets related to the action of the product, whether focusing on oxidative stress, mediators of natural immunity or cellular energy, for example.

All of the Incara Solutions formulas have thus been scientifically studied in terms of their action on target cells and tissue.

IN VIVO TESTS on panels of volunteers

There are 10,000 to 100,000 billion cells in our bodies, so we can test our formulas on cells as rigorously as possible, but nothing can replace in vivo testing on volunteers to understand and assess their action.

We use panels of volunteers. This is very important. For each test we conduct, the volunteers who participate are chosen based on inclusion and exclusion criteria that ensure the mathematical and scientific reliability of the test results. These volunteers have to be perfectly representative of the product’s target population, in terms of age, lifestyle habits, supplementation requirements, etc.

All six Incara Solutions products – Sleep, Stress, Immunity, Energy, Liver and Joint solutions – were used by 120 volunteers for one month (28 days). Metrological data were collected throughout the programme, and questions were asked at the beginning, during, and at the end of the test month (D0, D14, D28).

User satisfaction was therefore evaluated as part of the daily use of Incara Solutions products.

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